Title: Lunch In A Jar: For The Days When You Are In A Hurry
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Blog Entry: Lunch is one of ht most important meals of the day. It should be healthy and needs to be consumed properly. It is also called the heaviest meal of the day. Hence the importance of this meal makes sense. It keeps us going for the rest of the day.    There is a new format in which people are having their lunch. They Buy Glass Jars and take them as their tiffin boxes or container. Sounds weird? It is not. We will discuss in this blog, how this works out.    So usually there are several options and ways in which people choose to have their lunch.    Generally, there are a few set dishes that are cooked with different vegetables. They create a well-balanced diet for the human body.    They are also packed in different containers. We can see large tiffin boxes that are brought by people to their work or study places.    But now people have found a new way of having their lunch. That is putting them into a single glass jar.    Yes, everything is put into a single glass jar. The most common dish that is made inside a glass jar is a salad.    The such salad usually consists of fresh greens, some form of protein, fruits, nuts, dressing, etc.    These are the set items that are added to the salad. These are considered the base items.    Make it early in the morning and take it with you to the office. Eat it cold or at normal temperature.    Both are good to go. If you want a heavy lunch then just pick a bigger jar and you are good to go.