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Blog Entry: In MapleStory M, gamers will go back to  RuneScape gold   the Maple World with of the familiar characters and monsters. Maplers can perform as five unique MapleStory Characters level up, discover new locations, and play with friends in epic boss battles.They can play at real time in an MMOgo that is open-world with live game events, and they're able to buy a bunch of decorative decorations, compete with players from around the world in Mu Lung Dojo Level Ranking, and much more. And they are able to create or join a guild with friends to raid hard epic directors.   Players may join a raid party with up to ten players and battle against Zakum for exclusive rewards. MapleStory M soft-launched on May 28, 2018 in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, and Indonesia, this year and it'll launch globally in nine total languages and 140 states. The game launched in South Korea at October 2016 for the first time. At that moment, it got two million downloads in its first two weeks.   When Nexon started its free-to-play PC game MapleStory the 2D multiplayer online role-playing game was not that impressive. Nexon chose the match into mobile devices with the launching of MapleStory M.Tokyo-based Nexon said players who log into and play MapleStory M over the next 14 days will get special items each day. Individuals who preregistered will have the ability to claim their preregistration rewards until August 21.   Back in October 2017, Nexon said that  buy RS gold more than 273 million characters had been established by consumers thus far in the MapleStory universe. Now the amount is 280 million.The MapleStory M game features 150 levels of content, such as new character types, a mobile-optimized searching and auto-battle role, character customization such as hair colour and trendy items and accessories, dungeons which you could play with friends, and pets and mounts.