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Aww the cutest optometrist!
Posted On 09/23/2020 23:10:23 by Sunxuemei

I am now an Animal Crossing Items optometry student in Canada so if she has any questions, feel free to message me

I'm a 4th year opt student, and when my part 1 board exam got cancelled and that I couldn't be in clinic anymore I funneled countless hours into this match:p You can check out my Optometry

Sounds fantastic!!! I have used the microscope as a slit lamp in my small in game office hehe tell her that she could do it!!! Application season and getting in is t... Read More

I really don't need it, I do not need it
Posted On 09/21/2020 03:37:16 by Sunxuemei

If you Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket wished to spread the love to additional playing card collectors that use MPC you could link to the art files and we could make our own. No copyright issues there!

This is awesome! However, there is one issue, if you're likely to include exceptional characters and more are coming from future upgrades does that mean you need to update the whole deck to include the new characters?

They are amazing but my only critique is why is... Read More

The Coolest Bear Villagers For Ranked, On Your Island
Posted On 08/22/2020 05:13:01 by Sunxuemei

Slopes and New Horizons Items bridges are not explicitly mandatory, it appears, to earn a five-star rating, but they do contribute points toward your overall. In case you've got a ton of furniture and flowers, fences, and trees but don't have the number of points you require, think about building more bridges or ramps. They contribute to a rating. Additionally, they allow you to navigate your island. They might just push you over that last bump to five stars.

The blosso... Read More

Buy Animal Crossing Bells present time
Posted On 08/14/2020 21:35:41 by xingwang

You can, for  example, essentially import these old fashioned locals into your game by means of amiibo cards. While amiibo are selling for a superior at the Buy Animal Crossing Bells present time, with singular cards are going for $100 or more, there's likewise a blossoming contraband scene. 

With an Android telephone and some ability, players can download any of Animal Crossing's many townspeople into their game. In any case, there's a tremendous exemption: There a... Read More

Animal Crossing Bells found
Posted On 08/11/2020 22:56:44 by xingwang


The Dorado is known for its gold shading and is the other most important waterway fish. In contrast to the past two on this rundown, the Dorado is Animal Crossing Bells found anyplace in the waterway during the day from 4 a.m. until 9 p.m. Its shadow will show up exceptionally huge.

In the Northern half of the globe, it is accessible from June through September, and in the Southern side of the equator, it is accessible from December through March.Players can loc... Read More

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