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After days of WoW Classic players complaining about layering exploitation
Posted On 11/09/2019 02:46:48 by Lolgaywh

After days of WoW Classic players complaining about layering exploitation, Blizzard has finally set the record straight on where it stands on the matter. WoW community manager Josh “Lore” Allen addressed the issue on Blizzard’s forums yesterday, claiming that the “key factor” in determining whether the layering exploit is punishable or not is “intent.” Layering allows players to join different “layers” in order to kill the same enemies ove... Read More

If you find yourself currently addicted to World of Warcraft Classic
Posted On 11/05/2019 21:46:46 by Lolgaywh

EsfandTV has been playing the heck out of WoW Classic since release like a true pro, but xQc has only dabbled in the re-release of the online sensation since it came out in August, though he has logged many hours in WoW before. For some reason a lot of players like to give streamers free money and equipment in WoW Classic (and other MMORPGs) so Felix decided to take advantage of this to make his buddy EsfandTV some quick cash. xQc hasn’t played WoW Classic on his stream since the game r... Read More

World of Warcraft Classic has had a monumental launch
Posted On 11/04/2019 01:32:32 by Lolgaywh

WoW Classic is a very satisfying game to play for a number of reasons outside of its community, too. Even something as simple as upgrading from common (white) to uncommon (green) gear or leveling up feels significant again. It’s definitely a slow-burn type of game, and because of that, WoW Classic won’t be for everyone, but for


those who like this kind o... Read More

For WoW Classic, though, it was an undeniably incredible August
Posted On 11/03/2019 02:44:13 by Lolgaywh

. Top streamer Asmongold not only leapt up the rankings in Twitch metrics accoFor WoW Classic, though, it was an undeniably incredible Augustrding to StreamElements (via, he surpassed Tfue, the top Twitch streamer now that Ninja has left. Asmongold surpassed 10 million hours watched in August, soaking up a combination of the views spurred on by WoW Classic's release and, undoubtedly, some of the ones left on the... Read More

I have to admit that outside of nostalgia
Posted On 11/02/2019 04:44:57 by Lolgaywh

I’m one of those people, but I have to admit that outside of nostalgia, I don’t have many strong opinions on World of Warcraft. I played my fair share of the base game and I’ve returned at various points throughout the years to check out the state of the game. The bulk of my playtime, however, remains with vanilla WoW, so World of Warcraft Classic is a game that’s aimed precisely at me and the people of similar backgrounds.... Read More

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