The beautiful story of hermes scarves
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Every piece of Replica Hermes Silk Scarf works like a storyteller, leading us to explore a world full of fantasy. Following this spirit, Hermès's scarf designer team is not only an artist, but also a writer. They explore stories of different themes, constantly create beautiful masterpieces, tell the world's wonderful stories, take you Lead to a magical world of imagination.

The silk scarf is an incarnation of exquisiteness, gentleness and lightness. The soft and graceful texture is as smooth and delicate as the water surface. The gorgeous and exquisite pattern is like a vivid and interesting story book, which records a beautiful and long-lasting scarf story.

The girls in the scarves are wearing masks, wearing gorgeous gifts, and some are even dancing. They vividly describe the Paris event of the 1950s. At that time, various dance parties were popular, and girls tried their best to become The focus of the dance! Designers give them a higher meaning: in this eccentric world, dreams and laughter are the supreme kings.

Hermès was originally based on horses, so there are many equestrian-based patterns in the silk scarves. This silk scarf paints the image of the jockey costume that was simplified in the 19th century - colored lightweight riding, riding boots, riding Teacher hat. From then on, the seal of the horse owner will be printed on the riding and jockey hats. The more imprints, the richer the combination of color and pattern, so that in 1900, the clothing mix had to be detailed. The horseshoe placed on the four corners is a lucky charm, saying: good luck will only add to the genius!

The designer put the Kelly bag in the security check into the Replica Luxury Scarf and reminded the ladies: For safety reasons, any trip is indispensable for X-ray inspection! The handbag is one of the most intimate items in the girl's life. The character of the owner can be seen from the inside. The X-ray perspective function completely exposes a fashionable Parisian woman's Kelly bag to everyone, let everyone know her. Wealth and secrets. It seems to be ruthless in the irony of security...

To pay tribute to a world that Hermès is familiar with and cherish, this world is travel, a world in which all leather goods and luggage have value. The central pattern is a combination of the real-life bags in the Hermès collection, like a stacked wood, with a capital letter H. Boxes, bags, handbags, each in the Hermès studio, representing different periods, due to the uniqueness of the leather, craftsmanship and design. In these past works, it is not difficult to find many details that are exactly the same as contemporary bags.

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