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"I spend a couple of hours a day looking for stuff," he says. "I'm not a super well organized person so whenever I get a little bit of down time, I'm always looking for material, always challenge myself to come up with new jokes. And then it's almost like doing stand up. The feedback is immediate."

He said planning for the properties will be focused on new programming for the museum, rather than creating permanent parking on the parcels although he noted the parking in the short term will provide "much needed relief" to residents of the surrounding neighborhood and to visitors who often compete for parking spaces.

Video: Highlights from Tysons shopping Teens today are savvy and price conscious shoppers, and a coveted group among retailers eager to lure in their dollars. We gathered about 60 teens on a recent Saturday morning at Tysons Corner Center to track their shopping habits and see what works for them, what doesn't and why.

Laser nanostructuring of pure ultrathin metal layers or ceramic/metal composite thin films has emerged as a promising route for the fabrication of plasmonic patterns with applications in information storage, cryptography, and security tagging. However, the environmental sensitivity of pure Ag layers and the complexity of ceramic/metal composite film growth hinder the implementation of this technology to large scale production, as well as its combination with flexible substrates. In the present work we investigate an alternative pathway, namely, starting from non plasmonic multilayer metal/dielectric layers, whose growth is compatible with large scale production such as in line sputtering and roll to roll deposition, which are then transformed into plasmonic templates by single shot UV laser annealing (LA). This entirely cold, large scale process leads to a subsurface nanoconstruction involving plasmonic Ag nanoparticles (NPs) embedded in a hard and inert dielectric matrix on top of both rigid and flexible substrates. The subsurface encapsulation of Ag NPs provides durability and long term stability, while the cold character of LA suits the use of sensitive flexible substrates. The morphology of the final composite film depends primarily on the nanocrystalline character of the dielectric host and its thermal conductivity. We demonstrate the emergence of a localized surface plasmon resonance, and its tunability depending on the applied fluence and environmental pressure. The results are well explained by theoretical photothermal modeling. Overall, our findings qualify the proposed process as an excellent candidate for versatile, large scale optical encoding applications.

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