Aww the cutest optometrist!
Posted On 09/23/2020 23:10:23 by Sunxuemei

I am now an Animal Crossing Items optometry student in Canada so if she has any questions, feel free to message me

I'm a 4th year opt student, and when my part 1 board exam got cancelled and that I couldn't be in clinic anymore I funneled countless hours into this match:p You can check out my Optometry

Sounds fantastic!!! I have used the microscope as a slit lamp in my small in game office hehe tell her that she could do it!!! Application season and getting in is the hardest part!

Aww the cutest optometrist!

Wow omg I had been going to do the same thing on my island however I definitely would have been able to execute it like this!! I'm also hoping to get into optometry school, I wish her the best of luck!!

First year optometry student here!

The trip to getting accepted is a crazy one (especially this year), however it is worth it at the end once you get in.

This is so cool! I set up my fantasy study distance in my ACNH house, complete with the skeleton and anatomical model!

I love how really versatile ACNH is, it's wonderful.

Got an aunt and uncle at optometry, and their store looks a whole lot like this. Seems like your girlfriend gets the aesthetic sorted, if not the schooling. Fantastic luck!

Amazing! Really like the dedication.

Have her DM him Twitter @emothersbaugh.

Optometric assistant checking in! I love all the to see the commenters talking about their various optical jobs. I didn't realize there were so many of us!

Nobody asked for information, however - you may tell her, if she does not understand, that you can hang custom designs on the wall for a canvas. I am guessing she didn't realize - I think it would work better to your eye graph (which can be actually well done). Anyway, it is extremely cute and also very accurate. Best of cheap Animal Crossing Bells luck getting in school! She must submit this as part of her application, lol.

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