What kind of friends are you men?
Posted On 02/17/2021 21:00:51 by Smarthuiyuan

That is what I could do... just act like you didnt do it. Being a snitch doesn't have anything to do with it, he wont be perminatly banned likely:-LRB- so when he receives is accounts back he will have learned his lesson and not do it . How come I posted to OSRS gold same thing twice? What kind of friends are you men? Should you let game rules get in the way between you and your buddy, then that is not an excellent thing to do. It doesn't matter whether he doesn't understand about it. The fact is you're ruining potential enjoyment for your own friend because a business that actually does not give a damn lets you know that you ought to. Yah, it was me who reported ." Then theres nothing wrong. The worst that could happen is he gets a perm ban. Sure you might feel guilty, but in the scheme of things its not a big deal I think. But then again I might only be a horrible person... il allow you to pick... But if you will let me rephrase I will, I will first tell your friend how botting is against the principles and warn him about being prohibited, if he appears to not care afterward identification report it. ( I know somebody else said this but I forgot who)

Yeah if I was f2p I saw people in complete rune tanking the level 50 spiders on the 3rd level of stronghold with bronze arrows. That might work. I also know that the individuals with quite large range exp in f2p did ice giants for at least a lot of the exp. So maybe those would work too. Smart thought to tank with bronze arrows. Just kill em. Bring along swordies so you last longers.

They're very very accurate. Even in full dharoks, and superb collections (with super def), 71 def along with an inv of sharks, I cant continue over 2-3hrs thr with no banking. U wont continue beyond 10-20 mins. How do you figure I would get wrecked with D'Hide? I Camped for weekly in hogboblins with 1 inventory of anchovy pizzas. Thrs a dif b/w lions, along with h0bs. Spiders have no safe spots. . Hobs have lowsy atk. . I managed to camp thr for hours on end in 50 def using n0thn on me except a rune scim along with rune kite, and a power ammy.

Meanwhile, I reside hardly 3hrs with 71 def (boosted to 85+ with superb baskets ). And with complete dharoks, which is one of Cheap RS gold, if not, the ideal def bonus gear in game and a complete invntory of monkfish. With the identical gear, I cud possibly last forever at hobs without a single parcel of food. However, if ur tht arrogant, go have pleasure lasting 10 mins per inv of meals, getting approx 5k exp per hr...

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