Guide To Buy And Sell Precious Color Stones
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entirely upgraded as well as expanded this 3rd edition gives you with all the information you need to acquire, gather, sell or simply take pleasure in sapphires, emeralds, rubies as well as other jewels of color, with safety as well as judgment.

This overview discusses, among other topics, what is suggested by birthstone colors by month, how to examine color as well as what is its impact on price, exactly how to choose between a natural treasure and an enhanced treasure, and also new compositions with man-made products, synthetic opal available and also treatment of tinted gemstones, what to ask when you intend to purchase a gems, what should show up in writing, price guide of prominent gems as well as details about buying through the web.


The decision to take a rock or one more is either because it is the one that comes from you by the month of birth, or due to the meaning it might have which we intend to draw in to our life.

Among the most typical choices when it involves lugging a rock for its unique significance is the ring. When the rings include the birthstone or the month of birth, it is a very comfy method to carry your birthstone with you. But if you are more than bracelets, there are likewise appeals that consist of the birthstone of the month of birth, such as lattice hearts in sterling silver with the gem of each month established.

In this blog post we inform you concerning birthstones for all months.

Garnet: Gem of January

The gem of the month of January is garnet. It can be environment-friendly, yellow, orange or red-prudent, although the latter is its most popular version

Purple: Jewel of February

Amethyst birth month is February, and also green amethyst stone is handed out on the 6th wedding celebration anniversary.

Aquamarine: Jewel of March

The gem of the month of March is aquamarine. Present for the 19th wedding anniversary, it is likewise usually provided as a wedding celebration present, given that it augurs a full as well as delighted emotional life.

Rock crystal: Gem of April

The gem of the month of April is the rock crystal

Crisopasa: Jewel of May

The gem of the month of May is chrysoprase. It is the gem of triumph.

Moonstone: Gem of June

The gem of the month of June is the moonstone. It is considered a sacred gem, which gives spiritual understanding.

Peridot: Jewel of August

The gem of the month of August is the period. It is referred to as the sunlight rock

Sapphire: Gem of September

The treasure of the month of September is the sapphire. It originates from the Latin "saphirus" which implies "one of the most beautiful thing

Opal: Jewel of October

The treasure of the month of October is the opal. Present of the 14th wedding celebration anniversary, provides many shades, among the most beautiful pink, and the most searched for, black.

Citrine: Jewel of November

The gem of the month of November is the citrine. This precious stone can have a tone in between yellow and also orange (one of the most usual) or near to brown.

Lapis Lazuli: Gem of December

Finally, the treasure of the month of December is lapis lazuli (likewise blue-green).


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