Valuable and also semiprecious stones
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It is very important for any individual to comprehend the distinction in between a precious stone and also a semiprecious rock, but it is a lot more vital for the merchant of it, since that will rely on the commercialization worth of the item.

We have learnt about gems that have set you back countless bucks, and also every little thing will rely on those characteristics that determine their credibility or otherwise.

The range of Mohs dates back to 1812, as well as was developed to figure out on a numerical scale just how resistant these minerals are called gems, when subjected to scraping or reducing of another mineral. As it ends up, the diamond is the only one that occupies the 10th position on that range. We have Synthetic opal available.


In this range are various other materials that allow in a lab examination to determine the scale of each mineral that we know, although it holds true, the range has greater than 200 years and is not a genuinely foolproof method, it is taken as a recommendation to categorize each mineral, together with various other tests that have to be done.

Quality of precious and semi gemstones

It is essential to understand, that a gem must have which characteristics to consider it as priceless, semiprecious or artificial stone. There are several aspects to take account, the major ones are:


Within this function the important point is to take into consideration the colour, there is a classification based upon the colour of the stone, these are: With own colour (idiochromatic), colour by impurities (alchromatic), with optical results (pseudo chromatic), gems with colour such as Green amethyst stone as well as colourless such as Synthetic blue sapphire.


The resistance of the stone is also a vital function, nonetheless this does not mean that it has to be immune against everything, yet that it determines how much resistance the rock has, that is, if it drops within the classification of: dividing, crack or resistance to the chemical and physical agents.

Rarity or trouble to get

The fact that the stones are acquired from nature itself and that can not be "duplicated" by any kind of human equipment with the very same qualities as the original such as Lab made sapphire, make the difficulty of achieving them raises not only economic yet additionally availability worth as a whole. We have Colombian emeralds for sale.

Origin as well as development

It is necessary to understand truth beginning of each treasure, and also it is exactly a geological theme, because they originate from the earth in its initial state, which for many years have been developed in different ways, among them is with the cooling of lava, developments that have actually been developed in the midsts of the planet, considering that this is where the best warmth is concentrated and also are normally composed of fluids as well as solids, thus we have volcanic rocks, in addition to those that have actually gone through adjustments as a result of this warm to which they have actually been revealed; the various other is through the sedimentation of minerals such as Hydrothermal emerald.

The treasures are generally situated in the crust of the earth. Almost never at a depth more than 40km, we know that in this layer of the planet there are three sorts of valuable rocks, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.


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